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 I live in Nashville Tennessee and can’t imagine being anywhere else (okay, except for maybe a tropical island somewhere but let’s be honest, I just live there in my dreams). If I’m not at a wedding you can usually find me enjoying the sun at the lake with my hubby and doggos, finding the best place to get chicken and waffles, or tailgating! 

I'm a wife to the most amazing man, a momma to two golden retrievers, and soon to be momma of a little babe!

owner & lead planner

hi! i'm abi

I started my wedding planning career working for a wedding planning company in Savannah, Georgia. Obviously I didn’t have any experience except for my own wedding so I applied for any opening that they had. Whether that was a bridal stylist, floral assistant, day of assistant, literally anything!

Eventually they brought me on as an assistant wedding planner (probably so that they could stop seeing my name pop up on applications) and I just fell even more in love with this job and this industry. 

I couldn't imagine a job that I love more, and I'm so excited to help bring incredible weddings to life, one love story at a time. 

We value taking the time to get to know each couple and what they like so that we can plan a wedding that shows who you are as a couple. Get ready to receive compliments about your wedding for years to come.

You've found the right planner.

And an experience that will leave you with not only a beautiful wedding but a best friend?

looking for a wedding planner that understands your vision?

I grew up on the beach in Naples spending my days basking in the sun and dreaming up the perfect wedding! I moved to Alabama and spent my Saturdays cheering on the Tide while going to school!

I love listening to live bands. I am ALWAYS down for a coffee date. I absolutely love lobster rolls and sushi.

i'm kelci!


I claim Nashville as my hometown, but have also lived in Birmingham, New Orleans, and Orlando! I am a full blown Enneagram 2, which basically means I will do anything and everything to help you achieve your dream wedding (and will become your best friend through it all!)

I’m always up for a spontaneous road trip, but the playlist will be mostly TSwift and we will be getting Chick Fil A. I have the biggest sweet tooth and will always be a fan of getting dessert!

i'm bri!

Hey y'all!

I grew up in Winter Park Florida & after a couple big moves I’ve landed myself in the beautiful Tampa Bay! I fell inlove with wedding planning my sophomore year of college when I interned for an elite planner down in South Florida.

Since then I knew this was something I was passionate about it and turned my dreams into a reality by planning on my own once I graduated!

i'm kelsey!


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